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  • Summer Glow

    Apply your facial products to the back of the neck all the way up to your hairline. Gravity affects that area too, especially when you wear your hair up, and the sun exposure breaking down collagen and elastin. Applying products to the backside of the neck will help prevent sagging in the front and should be treated as an extension of that area. We love using a mask at least twice a week to keep skin bright and clear. You can make your own. Put a few slices of pumpkin in a food processor, add 2 teaspoons of plain yogurt and honey. Apply the mask and cover the eye with cold green tea bags (it reduces puffiness). Let it sit for 15 minutes. Remove the mask with a warm, damp towel. The yogurt also helps heal sunburned, damaged skin. To extend your summer tan, incorporate raw carrots into your snack routine. Carrots contain a very potent antioxidant called carotene that promotes the coloration of the skin, and when you have several servings in your diet, it warms up your natural skin tone to help your tan last longer. Keep a hydrating mist in your purse. Misting the skin throughout the day will cool it off and balance nature’s harsh elements by keeping it calm and hydrated. Apply eye cream with a jade stone. This ancient beauty ritual from Japan is known to drain toxins from the eye area, increase blood circulation and help with puffiness. One of the most important things to remember to do after sunbathing is to rinse your body with fresh water to remove salt and/or chlorine from the skin. These two elements will dry out the skin quickly.
  • VERONICA BARTON-SCHWARTZ The Godmother of Skin Care

    VERONICA BARTON-SCHWARTZ The Godmother of Skin Care

    A Malibu favorite since 1981, Veronica Spa and Skin Care Center has kept Southern California blemish and stress-free for decades with their spa treatments, skincare line and focus on yoga and Tai Chi. Years later Veronica Skin & Body Care Center is thriving, with locations in Malibu and Santa Monica and a third currently in the works.

    After suffering from cystic acne as a young girl, owner and creator of Veronica Skincare, Veronica Barton Schwartz, has spent years in the dermatology industry, paving the way for some of the best skin care regimens there are to offer.

    “When I realized that I got the best results from good facials and good skin care habits, I went on to pursue a career in skin care as soon as my children were in school full-time,” Veronica said.

    Different from your average spa and skin care facility, Veronica Spa and Skin Care Center features specialized treatments that use extractions, lymphatic-drainage and aromatherapy with pure essential oils. According to Veronica, the focus at the spa is always on, “creating a positive and relaxing experience for clients.”

    Throughout the years, Veronica has grown her business around “designing cutting-edge treatments and selecting products that combine the best in natural, traditional skincare with the latest in biotechnology.”

    One of these new biotech advances is a topical Botox cream, a needle-free alternative to traditional Botox treatments.

    However exciting these new advances may be, Veronica urges that getting a good night’s sleep, diet, good skincare products, exercise, and drinking plenty of water is still the number one way to clear skin.

    To ensure you have the best skin possible all throughout summer, Veronica shared some of her secrets to keeping skin healthy on even the hottest days of the year.

    “To have the best skin this summer, you’ll want to make some adjustments on how you treat your skin,” she said. “Warmer temperatures cause the skin’s natural oil production to increase. This means [you should use] a lighter moisturizer and even more sun protection.”

    Veronica explains that the biggest unknown villain to your skin is pollution, and that in order to protect your face against harmful air it is imperative to moisturize daily.

    “When pollution gets into your skin, it creates free radicals,” she said. “Free radicals increase inflammation, which ages the skin. This causes damage and breaks down collagen and elasticity.”

    For even clearer skin, Veronica recommends Retin A, a product she calls “the gold standard in skincare.”

    Having built her life in Malibu, Veronica credits the town she began her business in for some of her best memories.

    “Raising my children here, and having the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting people in the world makes my job a blessing,” she said.

    When she isn’t busy running her growing business, Veronica gives back as much as possible.

    “I also work with Operation Smile to raise money for children that are born with cleft palettes. The generosity of the people of Malibu help to make it possible to raise money for these children.” Malibu Magazine (Jan/Feb 2020).

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